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While watching television several years ago, she spotted an infomercial promoting a program that would leave great results. That program was Insanity Beach Body.

"I'll start on Monday," Alcantara, sounding like many others who take a vow of fitness, only to procrastinate.

Three more Mondays followed before she finally awoke at 5am one morning to begin the program's diet and workout plan. In 60 days, she finished the program 40 pounds lighter, and forced her to take ownership over her health.

"I didn't know I had control," Alcantara said she learned from the program. "I didn't know I controlled what I put into my body."

In December 2015, she decided she wanted more than just being skinny. A month later, she began preparing for a body building competition, which meant controlling her food portions and lifting heavy weights.

"I became addicted to results," Alcantara told CNBC.

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