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After being hit by a car, Carol Harnett was unable to walk temporarily because of the severe sprain in her right ankle. But doctors told her that her insurance would likely not cover a wheelchair.

If you have a car accident or get hurt on the ballfield or trip on the stairs, chances are good that you have no idea how your insurer would cover the wheelchair, walker or knee brace you may need.

Your cost for “durable medical equipment,” as these devices are called, may be small compared with the bills for your emergency or specialist care. But if you’re paying for such equipment out-of-pocket, it’s worth your time to look into your coverage and figure out how to get the best deal.



Two-thirds of people that had been terminated still did not have employment. That’s about the same that had didn’t have employment at the beginning of the year. But now at the end of the year they had neither wages nor food assistance.

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