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“It was quite scary,” he told the publication. “They told me I was lucky to make it so long. I was close to septic shock.”

Sepsis is a massive immune system response to infection that, left unchecked, can result in tissue damage, organ failure and death, reports the Sepsis Alliance. Each year, more than 1.7 million people in the United States are diagnosed with sepsis and 270,000 die from it.

It’s the top cause of death among people who are already hospitalized, the organization says.

Symptoms can include shivering, fever, chills, pain, pale or discolored skin, sleep, lethargy and shortness of breath, according to the Sepsis Alliance.

"Waiting too long is dangerous," Dr. Steven Simpson, the medical director of the Sepsis Alliance, told BuzzFeed News.. "When you have these kind of symptoms people need to seek medical attention.”


"If we can save one kid's life, this has all been worthwhile," he said.

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