Free Internet Radio that plays music you'll love! that showed a growing income gap between UC’s highest-paid employees, who are disproportionately white men, and the lowest-paid workers, who are mostly women and non-whites, De los Angeles said. The union study, which officials say is based on previously unpublished UC data, showed that starting wages of blacks and Latinos were about 20% lower than white workers in comparable jobs.

“Their concern can be boiled down to one word: inequality,” De los Angeles said.

The university offered workers an annual increase of 3% over four years and an annual cap of for any monthly premium increase, said UC spokeswoman Claire Doan. A proposal to raise the retirement age to 65 to qualify for full benefits would apply only to new employees who choose a pension instead of a 401(k) plan, she said. UC would sweeten the pot by reducing employees’ retirement contribution from 9% to 7%.

Doan said she could not confirm the accuracy of the union pay study but that any employee who feels unfairly treated can bring such concerns to UC officials.

She added that union leaders rejected the offer without a vote by members. However, 97% of members voted to authorize a strike last month.

The university then unilaterally imposed terms on workers, including a 2% raise for the next fiscal year, further angering the union.

Doan said the union is demanding pay raises that are twice as high as those given to other UC employees.

“The university cannot justify to taxpayers such an excessive raise, no matter how much we appreciate our service workers,” she said in an email. “A strike will only hurt the union’s own members who will lose pay for joining this ill-advised three-day walkout, while negatively affecting services to patients and students.”

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8:34 p.m.: This article was updated to include a temporary restraining order barring certain UC employees, such as pharmacists and respiratory therapists, from participating in the planned strike.

This article was originally published at 2 p.m.

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